Kevin Hofbauer

Kevin Hofbauer Hits his Acting Career Running

Kevin Hofbauer from a very young age has had a desire to become and actor. As with all young children’s dreams and desires it came and went until he was awoken to his hidden talents whilst attending Hutchins in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

Here he was guided by the very talented Mrs Weeding for his duration at the school. He became so dedicated to his new direction in life that he put in many a long hours to ensure he had things correct and was able to say he had done his best.

It was this sort of mature attitude and the obviously now no longer hidden talents that saw Kevin Hofbauer audition for a spot in the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) prior to finishing his schooling. With the successful application in hand he completed his schooling and begun his University course. This 3 year course saw him complete his Bachelor of Performing Arts (Drama).

Kevin Hofbauer

This is where his life started to truly open up. He landed a part in a theater play, a part in a Movie and a contract with Channel 10 in Australia as a Season Regular for their Police Drama called Rush.

It was decision time – Which do I take as I could not Do all three as great as that might have been. The result was simple RUSH was the winner meaning Kevin Hofbauer will be joining Rush for the 2010 season as a New Police Officer.

You can see him on Channel 10 once the season re-commences.